How To Play Information


Protect the egg long enough for it to hatch. You help hatch the egg when you are close to the egg (10 units or closer, check egg distance indicator on top left of screen). The egg will hatch when the egg image on the top left of screen is complete.

The egg bounces significantly as a self protection tactic, so it can move off screen quite quickly. You can check the direction of the egg by using the egg compass (top of screen). The compass points directly towards the egg.

The eggsterminators will burn the energy from the egg, and when the egg image is completely red, it will be destroyed and you will lose the game. You can protect the egg by knocking it away from the enemy, or you can Zap them.
You zap the enemy by running directly towards them. The hero will automatically zap the enemy when you are close, and facing them.
You only have a limited amount of zap energy, and this is indicated by the bar on the top of the screen. The zap energy will recover over time, and you will receive a boost at the end of each level. The maximum amount of zap energy is not restricted, so it will continue to grow.

The button on the top right is the zap booster. You have a limited amount of boosts. Pressing the boost will give you an immediate quantity of zap energy, and will boost the amount of speed for recovery. The timer shows you how much boost recovery time is available. You can stack boosts, and the time is carried towards the next level. If your zap energy is full, the boosts will increase the maximum amount of zap energy. The timer does not carry over if you lose the game.

You can get more boosts and in game gold by watching optional video advertising (use present icon). The entire video needs to be watched in order to receive the reward. The gold can be used to unlock advanced hero’s, or add extra boosts (Use shop icon). The ads are designed so that they do not interfere with the current game you are playing.

Once you unlock a character (shop icon), you need to set it to the default in order to play this character. The default button is shown just under the character, and is only visible once you unlock the character.

At this stage of development, you can not spend real money. We will consider adding this option once we create more characters, and or there is a demand for this feature.