How to Play WordBrainBusters V3


You need to guess the hidden word in the example (FIG 1).  If you can solve the missing word and move onto the next level.


  • You will firstly need a few guesses, and as you can see from FIG 2, you have 10 free guesses (It gets more challenging the more levels you complete).

    FIG 2

  • You guess by selecting a letter from the keyboard (FIG 3).  Once you select a letter, all the hidden letters will be revealed in both the hidden word (FIG 1) and the definition (FIG 2).  The word definition is represented by a “_” for every hidden character.

    FIG 3

  • You only use up a free guess if the letter you select does not exist in the hidden word.
  • Using the hint button in FIG 1 will reveal only the missing letters in the definition, and the keyboard letter will still be available.
  • You win the level once you have revealed the hidden word.
  • You lose the game if you run out of guesses or if you run out of time (this is only in effect during the higher levels).  The game gets more difficult buy reducing the free guesses at higher levels, and eventually a time limit.

Good luck, have fun, and remember there are more than 1 definition for a word.

If you encounter any issues please use the contact button above, and use WBB in the subject.