My name is John, I am the main developer and owner of TEC Dungeon.  I have been an avid game for many years, all the way back to pinball machines and Asteroids the arcade game.  Most of my allowance went into feeding coins in the above mentioned games.

A tremendous amount has changed in the gaming industry, from personal computers, gaming consoles and eventually mobile platforms.  The mobile platform has made it possible for an independent developer (indie) to create games for mass audiences.  The mobile market was an opportunity I could not pass up.

I investigated what I could do in order to enter the market.  I was fortunate enough to have a background in coding, however it was not in the programming language that could be used for creating games.  The limitations on my programming language forced me to investigate a more viable programming language.  I looked at C++ and Java.  I was on the brink of choosing C++, so much so that I had already downloaded Visual Studio from Microsoft and had started a course through PluralSight (free three month subscription through Visual Studio).  It was about a week into my studies that I stumbled across the Unity game engine, which changed everything.  Unity is a game engine where you can code your game and use the same basic code for deployment to various gaming platforms, such as IOS and Android for example.  The unity engine uses three main programming languages, Boo, Java and C#.  As I had already started with C++, I decided to skip over to C#, which is what I have used to create my first game.  My game is currently functioning as of June 2017, however I need to refine a couple of things before I publish it IOS and Android.

My first game should be released on IOS and Android before the end of July 2017.