The following tutorial on how to play will reference the image below, which is a example of the actual game.

The aim of Word Brain Busters is find the hidden word. The hidden word is represented by the underscores (_) in the yellow box (as showing in the example image above). The definition of the word will also be shown in order to help you figure out what the hidden word is.  As you can see in the image above, both the word and description is hidden.  Each “_” represents one letter, so in the example, the hidden word is 8 characters long, while is corresponding description is 23 characters long.

In the beginning of the game everything is hidden, so you have to choose a few letters in the keyboard section of the game.  Once you choose a letter it will be removed for the keyboard, and the letter you chose will replace each “_” in the hidden word and description.  Once you have revealed enough letters of the word and description, you will be able to figure what the word is.  Once you solve the word, you win the level.  You can solve the word by selecting the missing letters, or by pressing the solve button and then selecting the missing letter.  Be warned thou, when you are in solve mode, pressing the incorrect letter will end in you losing the level.  The reason you would press the solve button level instead of just pressing the missing letters, is that you will earn a higher score.  The score is calculated by tabulating the letters in the description that are still hidden, as well as an increasing score for each level that is cleared.