Image 1 (Tasks)

Image 2 (Win)

Image 3 (No win)







Get the two hearts to connect and complete the tasks.  In the image examples here.  The hearts have connected in image 2 and 3.  In image 3 the hearts have connected however the tasks (image 1) have not been completed so the level has not been finished.


Bomb attack.

The bomb destroys one of the hearts.  The bomb will only move once you have finished your move.  The bomb will also only seek one of the hearts.  So your other heart can safely be around the bomb.  Once you get to a level where there are more than 1 bomb, then each bomb will randomly select a specific heart to chase.  You can only know which heart it is seeking by looking at the direction the bomb moves.





The specials buttons can help you when things get tricky.  You can only use a special once per turn.  The only exception is the hint button.  You have 5 different specials.


HINT – Will reveal a word on the board.  You will still need to find the word yourself.


BREAK – breaks a button.  The button will be destroyed and all the buttons above will move one position down.  This will recalculate the words on the board.


ZAP – All the selected letters will be randomly changed to a new letter. e.g. If you select A then all the A‘s on the board will be change to a random letter.  This will recalculate the words on the board.


BLOCK – The button selected will be changed to a block image.  The letter that was originally there can no longer be used.  The bomb can not use this position as a path to the heart.


FREEZE – The selected bomb will be frozen in place for 1 turn.  You can now move the heart next to the bomb without being destroyed.



In this example, the heart will follow the word LIPS.  The heart will always follow the path of a word as long as the heart is connected to the last or first letter of the word.  The connections can even be a diagonal connection.  So the letter “P” is considered connect to the heart.








You can find word connecting from left to right (as above with the word LIPS) or right to left (FUME).  You can also find words by crossing diagonally (HISS).







In this example. the heart is not connected to the  N or the T of NUT so it will not follow the path of the word.