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Word Brain Busters

Word Brain Busters

Can Word Brain Busters really bust your brain? Well, maybe not but, you could bust up a few words and their definitions if you try!Can Word Brain Busters really bust your brain? Well, maybe not but, you could bust up a few words and their definitions if you try!

So, let’s have at it! To solve the puzzle, each hidden letter in the word is in-dicated with underscore lines. This shows you exactly how many letters are in the word to be solved.  Need some extra help? Lucky you! You’ll also be given the word’s definition.  Trouble is, its letters are hidden too!

But, you’re armed with a virtual keyboard.  It’s on tap right under the hidden word and definition to help you tackle the puzzle and solve it.  When you press a letter, it immediately appears right where you need it in both the word and its definition.  But, once you push it, say goodbye to that letter! It disappears from the keyboard screen.  Remember, you can always cash in your definition hints as long as you have some to spare.  But watch it! As if all the game’s hidden parts weren’t enough, you’re on a timer!

Here’s some fun features:

  • Free unlimited gameplay.
  • Easily get addicted to the word game.
  • Watch videos for free hints.
  • Challenge yourself with increasing difficulty levels.
  • Watch the clock or you’ll be timed out!
  • Enjoy a database of 55,000 words.
  • Grow your vocabulary.
  • Enhance your word recognition skills.
  • Keep your spelling sharp.
  • Get greater retention just by playing a game.
  • Keep your top five scores on tap.
  • Show scores with easy Facebook integration.
  • Invite Facebook friends to play.
  • See your friends’ leaderboard scores.
  • Keep track of score, best score, level, and hints.
  • Control the game’s music.

To keep tabs on the game, a percentage score is shown at the top of the screen to make you aware of just how close you’re getting to solving the puzzle.  When you think you’ve solved the game, just press “Solve Puzzle” at the top of the screen and go for it! If you solve it correctly, you’ll get extra points.

So, if you have a hunch, don’t wait! Whether you win or lose, the definition of the word is given at the end of the game.  Your brain’s not really busted; it just got smarter!

Win the game and go to the next level to decrease the percentage of time you have to complete the next puzzle.  It’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s all at your fingertips!  Go be a Word Brain Buster!